Talent Acquisition Advisory

Talent Acquisition Advisory

In a fiercely competitive world, there is one constant: talent is essential to business success. The right talent acquisition strategy and process – the ability to identify, attract and retain the best talent who drive business success – can significantly impact competitive advantage. In a recent study Boston Consulting Group demonstrated that talent acquisition has the highest business impact on profit of any talent management function.

JOBS DESK Talent Acquisition Advisory services provide a proven process and deep industry expertise to help you assess your talent acquisition strategy, identify needs, and prioritize next steps in improving your talent acquisition operations.  With this strategic insight and direction, we can help your organization address key business needs such as: streamlining operations, aligning to your business goals, reducing costs and gaining competitive advantage.

Talent Acquisition Solution Advisory

During a Talent Acquisition Solution Advisory engagement, we will examine all the key facets of talent acquisition success. By leveraging our proprietary methodology, we will evaluate your talent acquisition function against industry best practices and develop a road map for future improvement.

Business Alignment â€” We have a clear understanding of business strategy and its implication for talent. We will work with you to ensure alignment of your talent acquisition strategy with your business strategy.  In addition, through a thorough look at workforce planning, we will evaluate operating models, position profiles, assessment (fit) strategy, and budget allocation.

Brand— Your organization’s reputation as an employer is a vital component of attracting and retaining the talent to drive your business.  With a focus on your employer brand, employee value proposition and social media strategies, we help you assess and enhance your competitive reputation in the talent marketplace.

Sourcing— Candidate identification is a critical and increasingly complex step in talent acquisition.  We will review your sourcing strategies including active and passive candidate sourcing, employee referral programs and university relations to ensure they’re effective at reaching your target candidate population.

Candidate Experience â€” A good candidate experience is brilliant marketing for an organization, while a bad one can severely damage your brand – 1 in 5 candidates are also customers.   In this work stream, we examine key candidate processes & interactions from requisition management and screening, all the way through to background checks, offer management and on boarding.

Technology â€” This work stream includes a careful look at the solutions supporting your organization, including the ATS, CRM systems and sourcing tools, to ensure they are integrated and optimized.  We will also review operational issues such as reporting, OFFICE compliance, system capabilities and user adoption.

Performance Analytics— Talent acquisition performance needs to be evaluated and measured continuously and it should be tied to business outcomes. We will examine your recruiting performance goals, governance and operational metrics, benchmark them against best in class, and align them in a clear governance structure